Activities and shareholdings

Electricity storage and systems

Building on its position as a global leader in films for capacitors, the Bolloré Group made electricity storage a major priority for development. It has developed a unique technology in the form of Lithuim Metal Polymer (LMP®) batteries, produced by its Blue Solutions subsidiary. Using this technology, the Group has diversified into mobile applications (car-sharing systems and electric cars, buses and trams) and battery-driven stationary applications, as well as systems for managing these applications (IER, Polyconseil).

  • Blue Solutions

    Blue Solutions designs and produces high – performance electric batteries based on Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP®) technology, in addition to supercapacitors.

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  • Blue Applications

    On the strength of its LMP®, battery technology, the Group is expanding into mobile and stationary applications using electric batteries. Through IER and Polyconseil, il dispose d’une expertise dans les solutions pour le stockage d’électricité.

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  • Films plastiques

    The Bolloré Group is the leading global producer of films for capacitors and the third largest worldwide producer of shrink-wrap packaging films.

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