The division proposes an ecosystem to optimize flows of people, equipment and data, thus providing a response to the new problems faced by businesses and towns and cities. Three areas of expertise that each produce high value-added solutions.


Thanks to state-of-the-art products and equipment, the Technology division of Blue Systems aims to make access management smoother and to optimize travel.

Automatic Systems
Automatic Systems  is a global leader in the field of automated secure entry control and flow management. The company has been designing and manufacturing reliable and efficient security  doors and barriers, and distributing them in more than 150 countries, for more than fifty years. Automatic Systems proactively integrates sustainability values into its product development processes by drawing on its R&D expertise that has received a number of industry awards for excellence in the detection and design of innovative products. Through sustainable manufacturing practices, the use of recycled materials and energy optimization mechanisms, Automatic Systems reduces its environmental footprint by using the most recyclable equipment available on the market.

EASIER is the result of an alliance between the self-service solutions of IER and the passenger services of Automatic Systems and uses their respective strengths.
EASIER thus proposes a varied and high-end range of products and services to air transit operators and public institutions.
With a global commercial presence and a network of approved partners and distributors, EASIER serves all the top names in the aeronautics industry, public transit and public services and ensures the durability and monitoring of their equipment.


Smart City Platform
The Smart Mobility division proposes a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which concentrates and aggregates data from mobility operators and city infrastructures. This platform, based on artificial intelligence, gives cities an innovative solution to supervise and regulate mobility services and parking infrastructures in real time via three modules: Mobility Manager, Parking Manager and Smart Patrol. Cette solution est une réponse numérique d’intermédiation qui contribue à l’optimisation de la mobilité urbaine et de la gestion de l’espace public des villes et des grandes métropoles. Pionnière à Los Angeles, la Smart City Platform est aujourd’hui déployée à New York, San José, Londres et sur le Grand Lyon.

Indestat supports the government and many hundreds of local authorities and private companies on a daily basis in their work to secure towns and cities and monitor compliance with rules governing the use of public space. It offers a full range of services around respected software packages that cover the entire chain of offenses: electronic levying of fines, post-parking fees, paid parking enforcement and ticket control on public transit systems.



The Solutions division designs innovative and smart solutions to manage data and develop offers in line with new challenges.

Track & Trace
An IER Business unit, Track & Trace designs and integrates the best automatic identification, tracking and mobility solutions aimed at retail, transport and logistics players, and industry. Thanks to its command of all bar code technologies – RFID, IoT, barcodes, wirepas, etc.) allows Track & Trace to operate at all stages of the supply chain and to meet the requirements of a diverse range of businesses.

A specialist in digital innovation, Polyconseil is involved in ambitious projects with a strong technical component and high added value for its customers. Its employees – consultants, project leaders, developers, DevOps, infra or data scientists – assist large groups, public institutions and start-ups on a daily basis, offering them innovative, end-to-end solutions.