The Bolloré Group is the world leader in dielectric film for capacitors, electrical components used to store energy. It is also recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of packaging films, recyclable bi-oriented polyethylene films, ultra-thin films serving to reduce packaging at the source and avoid excess, with complete control of the latest generation processes and resins. The Films division has two plants in Brittany and a conversion unit in the United States.

Two business segments

The Films division, under the name Bolloré Films, includes:
Bolloré Films Packaging, the production of ultra-thin retractable packaging films, recognized for their extreme fineness, high performance and recyclability. The films range is divided into three products: Bolphane (an extended and innovative range of packaging, multi-use or functionalized, responding to the various needs of industrial and consumer markets), Bolfresh (for the protection and enhancement of fresh and frozen food products) and Bolflex (specific films intended for industry).
The Pen-Carn plant in Brittany, which uses the highest standards of certification for quality, safety and hygiene, makes the Group one of the top three global manufacturers of packaging films. With new high-end products, this business is growing internationally.

Bolloré Films Diélectriques, the production of ultra-thin plastic films, the main component of high value-added capacitors, which contribute in particular to the optimization of electricity networks and the development of renewable energies.
These films have a high level of dielectric rigidity ensuring effective insulation between electrodes and constant thermo-mechanical characteristics for stable condenser performance.