Blue encompasses the Group’s e-mobility businesses, including Blue Solutions, Bluebus and Bluestorage, which have become the preferred partners of carbon-free transport players, thanks in particular to its innovative “all solid” batteries and over 500 electric buses currently in operation.


Lithium Metal Polymer batteries (LMP®)
In the global race for innovation, the “all solid” battery is recognized as one of the most promising future paths. The main characteristic of these batteries is its solid electrolyte, as opposed to conventional lithium-ion batteries (with liquid and flammable electrolytes). This boosts energy density and improves the range of electric vehicles.
Blue Solutions is the only player in the world to have designed and industrialized this technology with its LMP® battery, which stands out through its:
-high energy density;
– proven performance and reliability in the field for more than ten years;
– longevity, exceeding 4,000 charge/discharge cycles;
– safety;
– ease of integration;
– composition, free of polluting materials (organic solvents, heavy metals and/or rare metals);
– recyclability.
These batteries have the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than most other technologies because they do not contain cobalt, nickel or cadmium and have high recycling potential.
Over 400 researchers, engineers and technicians are involved in the production of these advanced technology batteries at two sites located in Ergué-Gabéric in Brittany and Boucherville, Canada, for an overall capacity of 600 MWh.

Research and development
Through thirty years of R&D and over ten years of production, Blue Solutions has made substantial technological and industrial progress, particularly in the control of high-energy lithium-metal.
Blue Solutions has an ambitious roadmap for its future battery generations and is focusing its efforts on safety, increased energy density, operating temperatures, charging times, userfriendly packaging and electronic control systems, and competitiveness.
The company plans to market a number of new batteries, including Generation 4, specially designed for the individual car market.
Blue Solutions has also launched a battery-recycling program with the aim of recovering more than 90% of lithium and reusing it in the production chain. A pilot production line is currently being tested at the Brittany plant with promising results.

Bluebus has become one of the leading electric bus companies in France. Bluebus vehicles are clean and silentpublic-tr ansit solutions for urban and suburban areas, meeting environmental requirements and standing apart through their advanced technology and performance. They are produced in France at a plant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. The plant has also obtained “Origine France Garantie” certification.

The stationary applications developed by Bluestorage also contribute to the energy transition. The company markets storage solutions ranging from 250 kWh to several megawatt hours.
Connected to the electricity grid, they can store energy to secure the grids, integrate renewable energies, store electrical energy when its cost is low in order to use it when it is high, and guard against the risks of power outages.