Activities and shareholdings

Electricity storage
and systems

Building on its position as a global leader in films for capacitors, the Bolloré Group made electricity storage a major priority for development. It has developed a unique and innovative technology in the form of Lithuim Metal Polymer (LMP®) batteries, produced by its Blue Solutions subsidiary, only batterie (i.e. entirely solid) to be marketed in the world.

From this battery the Group has developed activities around electric vehicles and management of mobility systems through its brand Bluesystems, but also the design and the manufacture of electric buses (Bluebus) as well as the marketing of energy storage solutions related to the development of renewable energies (Bluestorage).

  • Brittany

    The Brittany division covers the Blue Solutions company, as well as Bluebus, Bluestorage and Bolloré division films plastiques companies.


  • Blue Systems

    Blue Systems is a set of solutions and equipment to optimize the flow of people, equipment and data. It offers products and services in its areas of expertise grouped into three business units: Technology, Smart Mobility and Solutions.