Transportation and logistics

For the past thirty years, the Bolloré Group has successfully bracketed acquisitions with investments in the transportation and logistics sector. Since the Group gained control of Scac in 1986, we have invested nearly 5 billion euros to provide the company with high-performance facilities at the logistics hubs in Singapore, Montreal, Shanghai, Houston, Roissy, etc., with many jobs created on each occasion. The Group now has, thanks to Bolloré Logistics and its 600 branches and logistics hubs worldwide and Bolloré Ports, a strong expertise in container terminal concessions, cargo handling and shipping. The fast-growing move toward digitization in this sector is an opportunity to further enhance our logistics products and services; this is now one of the Group’s major growth issues not only for key accounts and the steering of supply-chain movements, but also SME customers who will benefit from new online services. With Bolloré Energy, the Group is also involved in oil-industry distribution and logistics in France, Switzerland and Germany (distributing domestic fuel, operating the Donges-Melun-Metz oil pipeline, storing oil products and operating a network of service stations).