Our values

“Each day, we keep on building a diversified group geared to a long-term vision aimed at creating value and developing jobs. This is what we do, what we have always done, and what we will continue to do with single-minded determination and a close-knit team that has forged the Group’s values over the years.”
Vincent Bolloré


Each of you, individually, has the feeling of supporting the business, and vice versa… the Group respects its commitments to employees. Loyalty that translates specifically to: the loyalty of colleagues and of the organization, and long years of service.


The courage, the daring and the energy involved with development, knowing how to expand your own boundaries to export know-how to new territories and develop new activities. Spirit of enterprise that promotes: desire to build, risk-taking and high standards.


Solidarity reflected in particular by the Group’s contribution to local development, engagement in community actions, and caring about the carbon footprint of its products and services.


In anticipating new needs and new usages, winning new challenges linked to jobs with a future, and being proud of a job well done, the women and men within the Group lie at the heart of our economic performance.


Through the courage and vision of our leaders, who have dared to take a different path by innovating and committing to new territories, the Group’s teams are successful in creating and seizing opportunities and confronting challenges.


In the midst of wide-ranging profiles, diversity is seen as a source of complementarity, social balance and huge wealth. A real asset for creating value in a global context.