Acting with integrity in our business conduct and promoting human rights

All of the activities of the Bolloré Group, who has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2003, are governed by systems and procedures that aim to ensure ethical business conduct, to combat corruption, and to protect and promote human rights. In its communications, the Group encourages the creation of responsible content.

Four major commitments
• Sharing the same business ethics and ensuring compliance with the strictest standards
• Promoting human rights in our businesses and supply chains
• Supporting diverse and inventive creative works that feed the mind and create connections

2021 Key figures
137 compliance officers in 106 countries
Human rights: 93% of employees made aware of the Code of Conduct and human rights and 100% of head office buyers sensitized
• Identification of a priority geographic area following the internal human rights assessment
• Deployment of the Group Responsible Purchasing Charter and Code of Conduct to 100% of central suppliers

Vivendi’s figures
1.6 billion euros invested in content in 2021
11,258 beneficiaries of actions to promote access to culture for marginalized communities in France
80 pro bono campaigns carried out by Havas Group agencies


>>> For more informations, please access to CSR publications.