How do I become a shareholder?

You can purchase Bolloré shares on the market through the financial intermediary of your choice. Shares are purchased in bearer form.


Subsequently, they can either remain in bearer form or be converted to registered form (administered or pure) by request to your financial intermediary.


For more information, please refer to “Becoming a shareholder”.


This answer applies only to French shareholders residing in France. In other cases, you should contact your usual financial intermediary.

How can I transfer my Bolloré shares to pure registered form?

If your Bolloré shares are not yet registered with UPTEVIA (formerly known as CACEIS Corporate Trust), you should first contact UPTEVIA to sign an account agreement and then ask your usual financial intermediary to contact UPTEVIA to arrange the transfer of your Bolloré shares.

This answer applies only to French shareholders residing in France. In other cases, you should contact your usual financial intermediary.

UPTEVIA contact details:
Investor Relations
90-110 Esplanade du Général de Gaulle
92931 Paris la Défense
Tel. Paris: +33 1 57 78 34 44
Tel. Toronto: +1 905 281 2847 (between 6pm and 11pm, Paris time)

Is there a Bolloré shareholders’ club?

As of yet there is no shareholders’ club.


Why are some Bolloré shares listed under an ISIN other than the generic code FR0000039299?

The generic code of the Bolloré share is FR0000039299 and its ticker is BOL.

Some Bolloré shares may be listed under the ticker BOL NV, with a different ISIN from the generic code; temporarily, these shares are not eligible for dividends.


Where can I find Bolloré documents made public?

All documents made public by Bolloré can be found in Publications and Regulated Information.

You can also look at the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility report here.

In addition, you can receive the hard copy version by telephoning +33 1 46 96 47 85 or filling out the form below.


How do I learn of an upcoming Meeting?

The Company informs its shareholders of the date of the General Meeting at least 35 days before it is held, by publishing a prior notice in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires – BALO (gazette).

This notice includes the resolutions that will be submitted to a vote by the shareholders and the ways it is possible to take part in the event.

At least 15 days before the Meeting is held, a notice of meeting stating the agenda is sent to those holding directly registered shares and simultaneously appears in the BALO.

Shareholders can also obtain the materials pertaining to the General Meeting simply by making a request to the Company or by visiting the Regulated Information page that goes up 21 days before the General Meeting.

How do I attend the Meeting if I hold bearer shares?

Every shareholder or shareholder’s representative is entitled to attend the Meeting and take part in the deliberations, regardless of the number of shares he or she possesses.

However, the only shareholders allowed to attend this Meeting, be represented there, or vote absentee, are those who have proven they are such by recording their shares in their name as of midnight (Paris time) of the third business day preceding the General Meeting.

How do I get an admission card to the Meeting?

To make it easier for shareholders to get into the General Meeting, they are asked to come with the admission card that will be mailed to them:

– holders of registered shares automatically receive the attendance form by mail, attached to the notice of meeting, which they must fill out and send in;

– holders of bearer shares will need to ask their financial intermediary for a certificate confirming that they were shareholders on the date of the request. The intermediary will then be responsible for sending this certification to UPTEVIA ( formerly know as CACEIS), which will send the shareholder an admission card.

If a shareholder has not received his or her admission card by the third business day preceding the General Meeting, the holders of bearer shares have only to request an attendance certificate (French “attestation de participation”) from the custodian institution or, in case of those holding registered shares, to appear in person at the General Meeting.

On the day of the Meeting, every shareholder will have to produce proof of stock ownership and personal identification at the time of registration.

How do I vote at the Meeting?

Shareholders may choose one of the three following methods to take part in the General Meeting:
– attend the Meeting in person
– vote absentee (using the ballot attached to the notice of meeting and available on the website)
– or be represented by giving your proxy to the Chairperson of the Meeting or your appointed representative

All shares (whatever their particular securities code) allow the shareholder to vote in the General Meeting.

Bear in mind that shareholders who can prove that their shares have been registered in the same name for two years are entitled to a double voting right.


How much was the latest dividend and when was it distributed?

The combined General Meeting of May 24, 2023 will propose to distribute a dividend of 0.06 euros per share in respect of fiscal 2022, i.e. an additional dividend of 0.04 euros per share, since an interim dividend of 0.02 euros per share was paid on September 1, 2022.

This additional dividend will be paid in cash on July 6, 2023.

How much was the latest interim dividend and when was it distributed?

At its meeting of July 29, 2022, the Board of Directors of Bolloré SE decided to pay an interim dividend of 0.02 euros per share in respect of fiscal 2022, payable in cash.

The cash payment will take place on September 1, 2022.