Innovating in response to major environmental challenges

Our strategy of diversification into sectors of activity involved in the energy transition, such as the development of electric mobility solutions and electricity storage or systems for optimizing the flow of people, materials and data for the cities of the future, naturally positions the Group as a committed player in Energy transition and combatting climate change. It also deploys measures to mitigate the environmental footprint of all of its activities.

Three majors commitments:

Adapting to and combating climate change
• Making the management of our carbon footprint central to the development of our products and services
• Preventing pollution and reducing environmental impacts related to our activities


 Keys figures 2019:

• Nearly a third of GHG emissions savings per kWh stored with the new generation of LMP® battery (from extraction to the factory’s gates)
• 14%
of the electricity consumed is from renewable energy sources
• 88%
of Bolloré’s workforce (1) covered by a management system including environmental considérations


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