Innovating in response to major environmental challenges

In order to anticipate major societal changes and support the adaptations necessary for sustainable development, such as energy transition, the reduction of the environmental footprint of human activities or the consideration of climate issues, the Bolloré Group is deploying mitigation measures and investing in the long term in order to offer innovative and connected low-carbon products and services.

Three major commitments
Adapting to and combating climate change
• Making the management of our carbon footprint central to the development of our products and services
• Preventing pollution and reducing environmental impacts related to our activities

 2020 Key figures
• 20.5 million euros invested in R&D projects serving the energy transition in 2020 (batteries, Bluebus, Bluestorage, electromobility)
• 7,571,183 tons of CO2 eq.
emitted in 2020, i.e. – 8% versus 2019
• 39%
of electricity consumed from renewable sources
• 97% of employees covered by a management system that includes environmental considerations

Vivendi’s figures
Definition of a climate strategy for 2020-2035 consistent with the 2015 Paris agreement
Objective to reach carbon neutrality (“net zero”) by 2025

For more information, please access to CSR publications