Our businesses

Bolloré Group’s history started in 1822 on the banks of the Odet river near Quimper, In Brittany. Long specialized as a thin paper manufacturer, the Bolloré Group has evolved over the past two centuries. Facing technical and social challenges, it switched from thin paper to thin plastic films. For more than thirty years, the Bolloré Group has been diversifying in order to better manage risks. Its constant innovation and international strategy led the Group to hold strong position in each of its business lines: transportation and logistics, communications and media, electricity storage and systems.


    In the last few decades, our Bolloré Transport & Logistics division has become one of the five leading logistics operators in Europe, now ranked in the world top 10, and has created the No. 1 transportation group in Africa where it operates 21 port and 3 rail concessions. Bolloré Transport & Logistics is now has over 36,000 employees in 109 Countries making 9 billion euros in sales.



    Bolloré Group's Communications division mainly consistes of its stake in Vivendi. With a revenue close to 16 billion euros and more 44,000 employees, Vivendi (the world No. 1 in music with Universal Music Group and a major television
    and video game group with Canal+, one of the world's leading advertising with Havas, Second-Largest French language publishing group with Editis and one of the global leaders in mobile video games with Gameloft, in which the Bolloré Group is now the core shareholder.



    In the space of twenty years, we have hired nearly 2,500 people and invested 3 billion euros in business for electric batteries and related embedded and stationary applications. In doing so, we are actively contributing to the creation of key solutions in the fight against pollution and climate change. Blue Solutions' turnover for 2019 stood at 26 million euros.



    The Bolloré Group’s diversified business lines and expertise form a great resource to build and implement innovative projects. Indeed, teams from the different divisions all around the world contribute to set up cross-functional projects such as the creation of CanalOlympia entertainment venues or the implementation of Bluezones.