The Bolloré Group is currently the victim of identity theft, where its name, the names of its entities, and even the identity of some of its employees are being used for fraudulent purposes.

In recent attempted scams, the perpetrators used names of executives, real employees, or fictional names, along with email addresses similar to those of the Bolloré Group entities, to unlawfully obtain funds, particularly in the context of fake investment programs.

The Bolloré Group emphasises that none of its entities engage in financial solicitation with individuals or businesses and advises you to report these fraudulent activities to the competent authorities.

Oil Logistics

Bolloré Logistics

Key player in oil distribution and oil logistics in France, Switzerland and Germany

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Leading content, media and communications group

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Blue Solutions

Committed player on the crossed challenges of the urban mobility and the carbon free economy

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The Group

The Bolloré Group, which celebrated its two hundredth anniversary in 2022, is majority controlled by the Bolloré family. The stability of its shareholder base enables it to follow a long-term investment policy. Ever since it was founded, the Group has stood out thanks to its ability to adapt to innovative services and solutions, and its international diversification strategy, while ensuring that it has positive social and environmental impacts. Today, armed with a solid financial structure, it makes investments within its own business lines (oil logistics, communications and industry), and perhaps tomorrow in new business sectors.

Key figures


employees in
91 countries


billion euros in adjusted EBITDA in 2023


billion euros in revenue in 2023


billion euros in equity at the end of 2023


  • Combined general meeting of 22 May 2024 – All the resolutions were adopted additional dividend of €0.05 paid on 27 june 2024



Message to shareholders

“The Bolloré Group will continue on its path by investing calmly in its various business lines, and perhaps in the future, in new sectors.”