Transportation and logistics

Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics is one of the 10 leading worldwide groups in transport organisation and logistics. With a presence on the five continents, (358 agencies in 63 countries and 15,000 employees).
Bolloré Logistics satisfies the demands of importers and exporters, be they large groups requiring complex supply-chain management solutions, or small- and medium-sized companies requiring assistance with their international consignments. The global offering of Bolloré Logistics is built around comprehensive and integrated expertise covering five services areas: multimodal transportation, customs and statutory compliance, logistics, global supply chain, industrial projects.

Multiple fields of expertise

Bolloré Logistics has strong expertise in luxury, perfumes & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, energy and food.
Since 2020 and the global health crisis, Bolloré Logistics demonstrated its unique know-how in the healthcare sector. In 2022, the largest logistics center in Europe dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry was commissioned in Entzheim in the Strasbourg airport area (France). This 10,000 m2 temperature -controlled  warehouse offers high value-added services for pharma product flows.

Innovation serving the environment

For the second year in a row, Bolloré Logistics has received the “Platinum” award from EcoVadis with a score of 80/100 for for all the work provided by the division. This advanced level is attributed to companies ranking among the top 1% on CSR issues.

A global network

The environment in 2022 was marked by strong business activity and high transport costs, with logistics disrupted by the war in Ukraine. Air transport activity gradually resumed after the lifting of travel restrictions in many parts of the world.
The outlook in 2023 calls for caution, with the economic slowdown and inflation affecting all business sectors and negatively impacting volumes, leading to substantial declines in sea freight tariffs, particularly out of Asia. Despite this complicated environment, which placed strong pressure on operations, Bolloré Logistics succeeded in supporting its global clients and achieved good performances.
Business activity was driven by the strength of healthcare, luxury/perfumes and cosmetics, humanitarian aid, renewable energy and automotive.

Powering Sustainable Logistics

Based on the ISO 26000 standard, the Powering Sustainable Logistics program, focused on the management of CSR performance, has rallied all Bolloré Logistics players around goals to be achieved by 2030. Bolloré Logistics has notably committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 43% between now and 2027 across its entire network and 30% of emissions stemming from the execution of its transport services.