Teams built on cohesion and synergies

An employer brand and unifier of talents

In 2016, the assembly of all the teams working in our transportation and logistics business united under one single brand – Bolloré Transport & Logistics – helped produce a true community spirit throughout the division. Each territory is a springboard for women and men within the Group to develop activities that are not yet part of the port folio. Each territory prompts our teams to design integrated solutions or create tailor-made concepts to serve our customers operating across the world. Teams from the Havas Group, for instance, collaborate within a smooth integrated organization focused on creative work for advertising, media expertise, digital media, social media and data, going way beyond simple collaboration and exhibiting a successful approach to integration.

Experts united to serve one and the same project

Together, teams working for the Electricity storage division benefit from a unique positioning of integrator. Backed not only by battery technology (the rewards of an R&D program running for more than twenty years) but also comprehensive solutions aimed at meeting the new needs arising from energy transition, the pooling of skills from engineers and experts in different sectors but working on the same project is a key factor that has fueled the development of all our mobility and stationary applications for the Blue Solutions/Blue Applications product line.

Creative know-how in the name of a “house of talents”

Buoyed by a capacity to oversee exceptional creative know-how, Vivendi is staking a stronger claim than ever to the title of house of talent. At Vivendi, an array of exceptional creative talents work side by side, inciting one another to pool their flair for music, audiovisual technology and humor at the center of a house of talents. For instance, the most invaluable asset for imagining and developing novel formats better suited to new digital usage has proven to be the pooling of skills from teams at Dailymotion working with their counterparts at UMG and the Canal+ group. Gateways to and with other creative industries such as video games (Gameloft) are also on the Vivendi group’s wish-list in order to build up an extensive talent pool. All the employees of Vivendi enterprises are also seriously engaged in the creation of CanalOlympia entertainment venues, particularly in Africa.

A community commitment for all In Africa

The Bolloré Group invests several hundred million euros each year… Africa is where the energy divide is a genuine obstacle to development, where people from the Bolloré Group, which for more than 150 years has been operating a vast Web of port and rail infrastructures plus a logistics network, have rolled out the concept of Bluezones. Backed by expertise gained from Blue Solutions and the field presence of teams from the Transportation division, these new zones are completely self-sufficient for the production, storage and distribution of solar energy, and have sprung up where energy networks are defective or non-existent. Bluezones also benefit from the support provided by Bolloré Telecom engineers, who have set up premium Wi-Fi connections. Our teams are proud to have taken up these challenges and helped improve the well-being of local populations.