The Group is now present in free press and digital media.

CNews (ex-Cnews Matin)

Cnews, free daily of information, frees the main part of the current events. Distributed nearly 900 000 copies (OJD in January -December 2018) in the main French cities, it collects every day about 1.8 million readers (ACPM One 2017 LNM). With its digital offer, Cnews is accessible all day long.
For some more of closeness, it also commes in regional publishing thanks to an exclusive alliance with the groups of the Regional daily press.

Other activities

The Bolloré Group also runs the Mac-Mahon cinema, one of the premier venues for movie enthusiasts in France.

In the video games segment, the Bolloré Group holds a stake of more than 19.8% in Bigben Interactive, the leading European distributor of games and gaming accessories.