Our commitments

The Bolloré Group's commitments

The Group has undertaken to carry out its business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. It undertakes to reconcile, on a daily basis, its economic performance with its social function and protection of the environment.


The Group undertakes to offer its customers, the products, solutions and services they expect at the lowest possible cost. It is a forward-looking Group, always striving for excellence, with improvement and optimisation the main driving forces guiding its daily actions at all levels.

Respect for the individual

The Group undertakes to carry out its activities on the basis of a profound respect for human rights. In particular, it respects the values, politics and culture of each territory in which it is based.

Solidarity and openness

The Bolloré Group continues to look after its staff in an enviroment of partnership and solidarity, particularly in France, where anyone can train or follow a "bouncing back" scheme run by the Fondation de la 2e Chance set up in 1998 on the initiative of Vincent Bolloré. The Fondation de la 2e Chance supports schemes helping those who are in difficulty and who show a real desire to bounce back to find their way in the job market.

Protection of the environment

The Group undertakes to carry out its activities while paying special attention to the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity. Keen to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, the Bolloré Group is always looking to improve the quality of the goods and services it offers so as to make a real contribution to the protection of natural resources and the quality of life.

Diversity and cohesion

The growth in the Bolloré Group' activities is helping to create numerous jobs all over the world. With a staff of around 38,000 and a commercial presence in 110 countries, the Group is an important social player.