Bolloré Energy

Distribution of petroleum products

Bolloré Energy is the leading French independant distributor of domestic fuel, with a national market share over 15%.

With over one hundred agencies in France, Bolloré Energy  supplies domestic fuel and other petroleum products to 600,000 household and business customers.

In parallel, Bolloré Energy is developing a range of technical services for its customers: boiler sale and maintenance, heating subscription and heat pumps.

The Group works elsewhere in Europe as well, for instance in Germany under the Calpam brand with its network of 57 filling stations.

Oil logistics

Bolloré Energy has combined tank storage capacity for finished oil products of 2.2 million m3 in France, Switzerland and Germany, distributed among 28 depots which are owned outright or through a shareholding.

Through SFDM, Bolloré Energy operates the Donges-Melun-Metz oil pipeline, which crosses France from west to east, as well as many fuel depots.

With its acquisition of PMF in 2013, Bolloré Energy became a shareholder of the leading operators in thank storage for refined oil products in France.

In addiition, Bolloré Energy recently strengthened its logistics capacity with the creation of the DRPC depot, forming part of the conversion of the former Petroplus Petit-Couronne refinery site.

In Germany, Calpam owns the Kleinostheim depot and Bolloré Energy's subsidiaries owns important storage capacities in Switzerland.

International development

Bolloé Energy aims to export its expertise all over the world, and particularly Africa, to carry out large-scale projects. Building on its expertise in the field of hydrocarbon transportation and storage, it is also developing a range of services for oil pipeline and tank storage operators overseas.

Business diversification

Under a joint venture with Blue Solutions, a Bolloré Group subsidiary, Bolloré Energy develops and sells electricity storage solutions.