Bolloré Africa Logistics

The Group has opted for a presence in Africa for many years and is making it the major part of these investments.

Its subsidiary, Bolloré Africa Logistics is the biggest transport and logistics operator in Africa, where it has a network without equal with 250 subsidiaries and almost 25,000 employees in 55 countries, including 45 in Africa.
This network allows us to offer exceptional logistics solutions dedicated to all of its customers.

Operating in 14 container terminals on the continent through public-private partnerships port achieved at the end of international tenders, Bolloré Africa Logistics is the leader in this sector. It participates in the process of privatization of container terminals. 
It operates in particular the container terminals at Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire, Douala in Cameroon, Tema in Ghana and Lagos-Tincan in Nigeria, Libreville Owendo in Gabon, Pointe-Noire in Congo and Cotonou in Benin.  Continuing its development strategy in African ports, Bolloré Africa Logistics was awarded the concession for several container terminals in 2010, including those at Freetown, in Sierra Leone, Lomé, in Togo and Misurata, in Libye. In 2011, it won the concessions of the container terminals of Conakry, in Guinea, and Moroni, in the Comoros islands.  

In addition, Bolloré Africa Logistics acts as a shipping agent in many African ports, supplying freight services and organising transhipment on behalf of international shipping companies.
The Group also sees to all administrative and customs clearance for its customers, before and after transport; it forwards goods by truck, plane or train to their final destination, often using rail networks it operates (Camrail in Cameroon; Sitarail between Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso) as well as a dense network of well-established agencies in the inland countries.

Futhermore, Bolloré Africa Logistics brings to its customers a full range of storage capability, from secured conventional warehousing to agricultural produce and shelving, via more complex added-value.
It also provides the logistics of major mining projects, oil and gas on behalf of major international accounts.